how it works:

 Our adboard network is fully automated.
 The only thing what you have to do, fill the board with:
   -your notecard (NC is optional)
   -your Landmark
   -your logo
   (-your logo will never be shown on one of your boards, dont wait for it)

 The adboard has a conection to our database and collect logos from other users.
 Automated adfilter:
   -at General regions -> your board shows preferential General and no Adult
   -at Moderate regions-> your board shows preferential Moderate and no Adult content
   -at Adult regions -> your board shows preferential Adult content

 If somebody clicks on your logo on a board:
   -the map will open and show the destination
   -your notecard and landmark will be send to the user how clicks your logo

why free?

 We use a ratio of 10:9, there is no cost, but we got one of 10 clicks for us

 That means:
   for every 10 clicks generated on your board,
   you will get a credit of 9 clicks on other boards