The installation of the board is very easy:

 -rez the board
 -touch the Board to open menue
 -choose "LM & Pic" from the menu
 -drop LM & Pic into the board,
   (hold CTRL key while pulling them onto the board)
   [Notecard ist optional, use the same way but insert Notecard first]
 -the board telling you that preloading starts, wait up to 30s
 -visit your statistic website by choosing "statlink" at menue
   check the link to your LM location and try to teleport to this place from a different sim
   (use only a LM from the region how you placed the board)

Chancge design or color:

 -touch the board
 -choose "design" or "color"
 -choose a designnumber or color
 (find the available designs at our webpage at "ADBOARD/DESIGN"

The board starts and fetches the ads.
(if you are using more than five AdBoards, you got no startcredits)